The two decades of the 80's and 90's saw a lot of riding by the whole family.  We will share the 20 years with you.  The first 4 pictures are in Prescott, Arizona and the rest are in Colorado.

All these pictures have a blue or purple border.  You may double click on any picture to see a higher resolution picture.

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Above left I load up with both daughters, Kimberly (right) and Erin as we leave for a camping trip up in the forest about 5 miles from home.  Above right are (L to R) Randy, Kimberly, John (brother-in-law), Larry (father-in-law) Michael and Johnny (nephews) and Erin.

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Kimberly and Erin on two 125's we had at the time with Terry, Michelle and Drew on a breakfast ride to Skull Valley on a rainy day.  Above right, Terry, John, Mark and me on a Saturday ride up the Perkinsville train track.  The faster you go the smoother it gets.

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Two different years going up Kendall Peak over Silverton.  On the left with Bob, a friend we actually met up in Ouray, and a Prescott friend, John.  On the right, Susan and I went up by ourselves one year.  The town below is 9,300 feet and we are at about 12,600 feet.

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In 34 Septembers of riding the San Juan Mountains we probably had snow to deal with 6-8 times. Above left, just light snow visible from the top of Corkscrew and a little more a few years later near Telluride.

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Snow on the mountains is beautiful and it's kinda fun to ride in, but very tricky.  The right picture is headed up Imogene Pass just above the Upper Camp Bird Mine.  We did not make it to the top - that would be another 1,000 feet elevation and the snow gets deeper the higher you go.

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Above left is the road up Yankee Boy Basin outside Ouray - did you say guardrail?  The right picture was one of the few summer June trips we took with the girls - here headed up Corkscrew.  Susan and I riding double and Kimberly and Erin riding their own bikes.

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Left - at the top of Imogene - 13,114 feet and right, the road that leads to Gladstone lake just north of Silverton. This was one of the years our friend Bob met us to ride the San Juans.  He drove from Illinois several times to meet us in Colorado and then he would spend the winter in Arizona metal detecting for gold.

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Left - the 72 Ford pulled the dirt bikes to Colorado from 1973 until we started riding the GoldWing in 1995.  We usually took our friend's bikes from Arizona to Ouray on the trailer and they simply drove their car up and went home when they were done riding.  I still have the Ford - 360,000 miles and still running great.  Right - the same year coming into Telluride from the south.  Note the big crane left of center in the picture.  A lot of big expensive homes were being built in the Telluride area during this time.

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Sometimes the top of the mountain is clear - sometimes it's not.

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Sometimes the road looks like this - and down the road it still looks like this.

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The north entrance to Last Dollar road and a view from the Imogene road on the Telluride side.

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And then there are these kind of days.  It's still part of the adventure.  Check the left picture with a double click - note the black box on the back on the luggage rack.  It is a second 6 volt battery with a CB antenna. The CB is on a piece of foam on the gas tank.  Don't laugh - it worked great.  This was 30 years ago and handheld CB units were not common. (this is actually the old XL250 Honda)

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Even the clouds are beautiful in September in the San Juans.  Left - the road up to Elks Meadows near Ridgway and right, the highway near the top of Dallas Divide.

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I love the top of the mountains.  Left - Imogene and right - Corkscrew.  Imogene Pass has two vista points - one to the east looking at the Red Mountain range and the west area looking towards Telluride. 

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Left - a view of Black Bear from Imogene.  Right - at the top of Stoney Pass we stopped to have lunch.  The Camp Robbers where everywhere.  I put some bread on the metal plate on top of my helmet and a bird came and stole it.  What's the metal plate - I used it 17 years ago for a camcorder mount - and those camcorders 17 years ago were not small.  RETURN TO HOME PAGE